Derceto Aquadapt™ 5.15

Derceto Aquadapt™ version 5.15 was released in April 2013. This version builds on the Aquadapt 5.14 platform, incorporating many of the new features requested by our clients. These new features are detailed below

DB Query Tool Improvements

This tool for extracting data from the Aquadapt database has been improved and now runs faster for large queries. It now also makes sure only date ranges with valid data can be selected. Data can easily be copied to Excel for graphing and reporting.


Alert Messages on Operator Panel

Aquadapt alarms and messages have been updated and separated into 3 categories in a list with ‘Acknowledged’ checkboxes:

  • Aquadapt Alerts’ – Indicates any issues with Aquadapt itself
  • ‘Operational Alerts’ – Alerts related to the water distribution network e.g. pump performance (flow different from anticipated), tank flatline and the “pump not run” indicator to allow periodic pump starts on infrequently used equipment.
  • ‘System Mode/Info’ – This covers site specific settings such as peak energy demand periods (known as Triad Events in the UK and PLC in the US), as well as special modes of operation such as fire or storm warning days when tanks are filled to higher levels.



Alerts now timed to the Minute

The Guardian module that monitors and issues alerts now runs every minute to update operational alerts.




Secure Data Access

A ‘view only’ user type has been added to permit external read-only database access (for example a connection from Excel). Hour and half hour summary views have been added to databases and are available to the view only user.


Physical Pump Schedules on the Operator Panel

Operator Panel has the capability of viewing schedules for each pump  rather than pump combinations  so that a complete list of pumps at the station can be viewed in numerical order.


Faulted Pumps F Indicator

An F indicator for faulted pumps similar to the T for pumps not in service has been added to the physical pump display to make it easier for operators to identify why a pump is not being selected or running.


Multi Function Information Form

The Alerts, Solve Diagnostics and Operator Log have been consolidated into one Information form for easier operator viewing.


Live Operations Simulator Visual Indication

The graphics indicating Simulation mode is active have been changed to make it more obvious simulation mode is active.
 Simulation mode enabled


Aquadapt Dashboard

New Multi Facility Page 

A new page has been added to allow the user to select multiple charts of different demand, level and flow data types. The data is viewable in day, week, month and year options.


Additional Date Range Options

Date range options of day, week, month, and year are now available on more charts.
 Wider viewing range supported


New Multiple Tank Group

A new tank group allows viewing of multiple tank levels on one chart (zone level chart).

View multiple tank levels



More Hints

All charts now have information ‘mouse over’ hints to display the value details.


New Online Help Documentation

Dashboard specific help is now accessible online from the top right corner of Dashboard.

For a full list of new features read this

The Derceto Aquadapt dashboard

Supply summary screen


Demand summary screen

  • See water demand zone by zone for any day, week, month or year.

  • Great for the UK water industry Table 12 reporting requirements.

  • Monitor your average demand and compare with typical demands for each zone so you can see demand growth over time.


Pump station summary screen


  • For each pump station, see which pumps were scheduled to run, and which pumps actually did run, and when.

  • See the expected flow and the actual flow and monitor energy consumption for each tariff period.

  • Track your most efficient and least efficient pump stations in real-time.

Derceto solver performance


Track the performance of Derceto Aquadapt: Solution time, number of successful solutions in the day and database read and write times provide valuable information.

  • Is the system constrained causing loss of solution?

  • Have solve times gone up?

These can be indicators that it is time to upgrade the solver constraint data to reflect changing conditions, thereby giving Aquadapt the best possible starting conditions.

Rank pump stations by efficiency, energy or flow

The Dashboard analyzes the data in the historical and live databases to present information on pump station performance. Use this real data to track and compare pumping efficiency and direct maintenance and refurbishment to areas where the most cost-effective returns can be achieved...



...And then drill down into real pump curve data with actual operating data points plotted on both the pump curve and efficiency curve.