Derceto Aquadapt™ 5.16

Derceto Aquadapt™ version 5.16 was released in April 2014. This version builds on the Aquadapt 5.15 platform, incorporating many of the new features requested by our clients. These new features are detailed below

Crystal Reports Compatibility

If Crystal Reports is available to a user, a connection to the Aquadapt historian database warehouse tables can be configured for the user to generate user defined reports.
 Crystal Reports


Second Day Target Display on Operator Panel

Tanks that have a target cycle enabled now show the second day target on the reservoir display. The tank cycles can be edited directly from the Operator Panel Second Day Target link

Second day target shown

Second day

 Pump Stations Display Pumps to Run and Expected Flow Rate

Pump Stations with duty now show the number of pumps selected and the expected flow rate. 

Flow rate next to pumps


Pump Station Total Flow

The total pump station historical actual and future scheduled flow chart can now be added to any pump station page.

Total Flow

System Overview Page on the Operator Panel

This page can be configured to show the total demand profile for the system, the total system storage and total production flows. In the example below all pump stations and sources in the “Northern System” are summed and displayed.

 Overview summary page



Identification of Cleaned Flows

Flow bars which have been cleaned by the DataCleaner can be shown as a shaded color similarly to the existing display schemes for Levels and Demands. Note the two shaded bars to the left of the yellow bar.

Identification of Cleaned Flows



Operators Log Message Format Improvements

The operators log form has had a tidy up including allowing for the selection of preferred units by the user for easier operator viewing.
Operators Log Messages


Operator Panel Communications Test

The connection between the Operator Panel and the Aquadapt Live server is tested every 30 seconds and will alert to the Operator Panel if it fails.

TCP/IP Messaging

Aquadapt Dashboard

New Custom Date Range Selection 

The custom selector allows selection of up to two weeks duration for display of data on many of the dashboard pages. This allows the user to define specific date ranges and then change the selection using the available arrow buttons.

 Customized date range support



Pump or Valve Sation reports "Percent Time in Control"

It is preferable to have pump and valve stations under Aquadapt control as often as possible. The dashboard now reports on the percentage of time this control was actually achieved using the dial indicator widget.
 Percentage of Time in Control


Reservoir Percent Time In Use

New graphic added to dashboard to track the percentage time in use for any reservoir over a selected time frame. The chart shows the times the reservoir was out of service as grey background shading and the gauge at the bottom shows the percentage of time the reservoir was in service during the time frame selected.

Percent of time reservoir in use




Estimated Savings Page

Page can be configured to display estimated vs potential savings generated by the Aquadapt system based on historically audited values and the timed volume accuracy of following the Aquadapt schedules.

 Estimated monthly and annual savings


Data Export into Excel

Data extraction allows for details of the dashboard charts to be extracted into a CSV fil suitable for direct use in Excel. Additional support costs are associated with this feature.

 Data export functionality


Improved Flow Accuracy Calculations

The total volume accuracy and timed volume accuracy indicators are now more representative. Total volume indicates how close the transferred volume at a station is to what Aquadapt scheduled. The timed volume accuracy indicates how close the timing of the volume transferred is to what Aquadapt scheduled.

 Accuracy calculations


kW Demand Reporting Page

The kW Demand chart shows the maximum kW demand for each period for the tariff band based on pump status read from Scada and pump rated kW values. For the month and year view, it shows the daily maximum kW demand for each tariff band.

 Peak kW Demand


For a full list of new features read this


Q: Does Aquadapt software replace my SCADA system?

Oct 19 2010

A: No, Aquadapt software works with your existing SCADA system. It reads data from the SCADA database and then writes set-points to the pumps via the existing operator screen tags.


Case study

Nov 23 2010

Murray Kennedy,
General Manager,
Utilities and Services,
Greater Wellington Water,
New Zealand.