Demand Response and Aquadapt

Demand Response (DR) is term widely used to denote mechanisms to encourage reduced peak electricity demand in a system through payments and incentives to shed load or use alternative on-site generation to supplement the power grid. 

With US power companies now offering Demand Response incentives amounting to $300,000/MW, customers of Derceto’s Aquadapt software are well placed to save money – and make a major contribution to efficient energy management across their local grid.

There are three main types of DR: Emergency, Economic and Synchronized.  Emergency DR, as its name implies, is used primarily to avoid outages.  Economic DR is used to help power utilities manage daily system peaks and is voluntary.  Synchronized DR requires fast response, typically less than 10 minutes, and is of short duration – maximum 30 minutes – but pays the highest rewards.  Aquadapt can provide water utilities with the confidence to participate in Economic and Synchronized DR.

sm_33.gif  Fact sheet | Download a PDF of the Demand Response and Aquadapt fact sheet