Our people


Farrokh Fotoohi – Chairman of the Board

Farrokh Fotoohi is Director General of Ondeo Systems (now Suez Smart Water) based in Le Pecq to the west of Paris.  Ondeo Systems was founded in 2009 serving Suez's many operations in France and worldwide with advanced technology and software solutions. Over 100 engineers and developers work on delivering smart solutions to the water and waste-water industry.


Wayne Spittal – CEO & General Manager

As part of the management team, Wayne is primarily responsible for operations of the Derceto business. Since 2002 he has managed the commercialization of Beca Group's business ideas and since 2005 focused solely on the Derceto success story. Wayne has some 30 years of industry experience in electricity supply, control systems and energy management. An electrical engineer, he has developed and implemented internationally successful energy management systems now used on five continents. During this time Wayne has held senior management responsibilities in Australia, New Zealand, Finland, North America and Switzerland.


Simon Bunn – Chief Technical Officer

The man behind the product, Simon was instrumental in developing both the Derceto Aquadapt product and the company. His vision has seen the company expand beyond its Beca roots and along with his vast experience of control systems and water treatment processes, he understands both the operational requirements of our clients as well as the complex software at the heart of the Aquadapt product. It's this in-depth knowledge and experience that's seen Simon leading the sales charge and in the process clocking up more air miles than a commercial pilot.


Evan Atkinson – Operations Manager

Evan is responsible for engineering operations across the Derceto group of companies. This includes: delivery of Derceto Aquadapt implementations, Support of our existing customers and the ongoing development of the Aquadapt product. He is an honors graduate of the University of Auckland’s Engineering Science department, with experience in Operations Research and Bio Engineering. Evan brings to this role a thorough understanding of all aspects of Aquadapt having been with Derceto since 2004, with experience in all aspects of the Aquadapt Installation process, including leading the Derceto team implementing Aquadapt at WaterOne in Kansas, and previously holding the role of Group Support Manager. Mixing work with a passion for skiing hard and playing competitive cricket, he represents the vibrant team at Derceto, who work and play hard.


Mike Espejo – Support Manager (North America)

Mike Espejo brings over 20 years' experience in the Water/Waste Water Industry to his role at Derceto, with 18 years of that spent in the Operations Department of the 5th largest Water Company in California. Based in Riverside County CA, Mike utilizes his operations expertise to manage and provide in-country support to existing Derceto Aquadapt installations in North America. He also strengthens the delivery process for new Aquadapt installation projects with a particular focus on managing the essential operator input to project design and then deliver appropriate training during and after the installation. Mike has previously supervised the Control Room at Eastern Municipal Water District. There he managed the Potable and Recycled systems along with System Control Operators, Dispatch Team and Planner/Scheduler staff in a 24/7 operation. Mike is certified by the California Department of Public Health and maintains T-3 Treatment Operators’ certificate and a D-5 Water Distribution System Operators’ certificate.


Sarah Thorstensen – Product Manager

Sarah is responsible for strategic product direction, planning and development of the Derceto Aquadapt™ product. Other responsibilities include functional management of Derceto's software development activities and coaching and development of software developers and optimization engineers. Sarah has been involved in all the Derceto implementations worldwide and has been instrumental in the Derceto solution design, engineering and software development. Sarah has experience in all aspects of Derceto’s project delivery including leading optimization teams, software installations, client training and support work. Sarah has a BE (Engineering Science) degree from the University of Auckland which focuses on mathematical modeling, optimization, operations research, simulation and programming. She was recently responsible for setting up and coordinating Derceto’s operations and recent installations in the UK working with our partner company, Mouchel.


Matthew Gordon – Project Delivery Manager

Matthew manages Derceto’s project delivery, including all feasibility studies, detailed designs and system implementations. Matthew is also responsible for the continued development of Derceto’s project delivery processes to provide efficient delivery of projects to Derceto’s customers. Matthew has a Master of Engineering Degree with Honours in Engineering Science from the University of Auckland. Matthew has over 7 years' experience working with Derceto’s customers in North America, the UK and Australasia.


Martin Young – Group Support Manager

Martin manages the Derceto support team dedicated to maintaining the best operation of Derceto Aquadapt™ system installations around the world. He is responsible for the strategic planning and delivery of support and maintenance services as well as ongoing project management for customer requirements. Martin has a Master of Engineering degree with Honours in Engineering Science from the University of Auckland. He has over 7 years' experience in implementing and supporting Aquadapt solutions around the world.


Brent Fafeita - Software Development Leader 

Brent has over thirty years of experience in electrical utilities and smart-grid with particular specialties in databases, communications and software development. As co-founder of metering and smart-grid company RML, Brent designed and implemented smart-grid systems in Europe, USA and Australasia. With this technology being acquired by Echelon in Silicon Valley, it grew to fill 90% of this market in Europe. Brent has spent 10+ years as a resident "guru" in silicon valley for these smart-grid technology companies and as an occasional 'trouble-shooter of last resort' for intractable software problems at other companies. Brent adds significant market experience and technical pedigree to the Derceto team and is responsible for leading the technical development of the Derceto Aquadapt™ product architecture.


The Derceto Team  

Derceto staff have degrees in Engineering Science, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. The Engineering Science degree focuses on mathematical modeling, optimization, operations research and programming. When combined with the hands-on capability of the automation and electrical engineering staff and our in-house software development team, this is a potent combination of brains and process know-how.

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Mar 18 2014

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After graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) Simon spent the next 21 years in control systems design, rising to become a partner in The Beca Group in 1999. In 2000 Simon used his experience of control systems and water treatment processes to design the complex software at the heart of the Aquadapt product, the world’s first commercially available real-time pump scheduling optimizer. Email Simon 

Latest news

Mar 07 2019

Hunter Water has awarded SUEZ the contract to implement the proven Aquadvanced™ Energy solution, to optimise water distribution throughout Hunter Water’s network in New South Wales, Australia, helping to reduce its energy consumption and environmental footprint.


Case study

Nov 25 2010

Neal Spivey, Director, Water Production Division, Gwinnett County DWR, Atlanta, Georgia.