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Gwinnett County Department of
Water Resources, Atlanta, Georgia 

pod-images/content/gwinnett_lake.jpgServing a rapidly growing population of more than 800,000 over an area of 437 square miles, the Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources near Atlanta Georgia has a production capacity of 225 million gallons a day. All of this supply is from Lake Lanier via the Shoal Creek Filter Plant and the Lanier Filter Plant via 18 pump stations and 17 finished water storage tanks including clearwells. The system’s significant challenge, shared with other water providers in the region, is allocating a limited long-term water supply among a growing number of users. Challenges by the States of Alabama and Florida to water contractual developments may limit water supply after 2012. Meeting this challenge involves a two pronged strategy: on the one hand, public education and incentive programs encourage water efficient appliances and water use practices; on the other hand, significant focus and investment on building and operating the most efficient storage and distribution network. Derceto's Aquadapt software is helping Gwinnett County DWR in this efficiency drive. The Aquadapt installation project, encompassing the entire water distribution system, was completed by December 2009. 

sm_33.gif  Case study | Download the case study (PDF) 

icon-ms-powerpoint.gif  Presentation | "Distribution System Energy Management and Operations Optimization System Implementation at Gwinnett County DWR": Brian Skeens (CH2M Hill) and Neal Spivey (Gwinnett County DWR) presented a paper at the 2010 AWWA ACE conference, discussing results from the first five months of operation following implementation of Derceto Aquadapt system for Gwinnett County DWR. Download the PowerPoint presentation 

In the news |  The Derceto Aquadapt installation for Gwinnett County DWR made the local GBC News - December 22, 2009 (YouTube video)

Unitywater, Queensland, Australia 

pod-images/content/Unity_coast.jpgUnitywater is located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.  The Derceto Aquadapt implementation for Unitywater goes back to 2004, when Unitywater's forerunner, Maroochy Water Services, was wrestling with the problem of how to smooth demand on two water treatment plants in order to improve operability, efficiency and water quality.  With two treatment plants, 22 reservoirs, four pump stations and thirteen flow control valve sites of significant demand and supply, the challenge was to remove the diurnal demand peaks from the water treatment plant supply and to achieve linear flow requirements across the 24-hour day, while maintaining water pressure standards of service and minimum storage levels throughout Maroochy Shire's reticulation system.

sm_33.gif  Case study | Download the case study (PDF)

Greater Wellington Water, Wellington, New Zealand

pod-images/content/wellington_view.jpgThe first full installation of Aquadapt software was in 2000 in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, for Greater Wellington Regional Council Water - or 'Greater Wellington Water' (then known as Wellington Regional Council). This major project controls water distribution into all of Lower Hutt and about half of Wellington City. The implementation of Aquadapt software has required a major expansion in capabilities as it needed to handle multiple parallel plants. The system has been online for ten years, since June 2000, and has run 24 hours a day since installation, without incident. 

  Case study | Download the case study (PDF) 

sm_33.gif  Presentation | After the first 12 months of operation Greater Wellington Water completed an internal review of cost savings, evaluating the impact of the Aquadapt software on their cost overheads. The results were spectacular, with savings in energy costs, network charges and chemical costs. These results were presented in a paper to the New Zealand WWA. Download the presentation (PDF)

Water District No. 1 (WaterOne), Johnson County, Kansas

pod-images/content/waterone_aerial.jpgThe Derceto Aquadapt installation for Water District No.1 of Johnson County, KS, known as WaterOne (www.waterone.org), was completed in April 2006.  This implementation of Aquadapt controls pumping schedules for the entire water distribution process, from source to household. Aquadapt software was implemented to not only produce the most energy efficient pumping schedule from a water treatment plant (WTP), but also to recommend pumping schedules from the rivers to the WTP, enabling operators to use alternative sources of water to supply demand and exploit the differences in tariffs between providers. By using Aquadapt software WaterOne saved almost one fifth of its annual $5 million energy bill. And this is despite its bulk storage being almost exclusively ground water repump stations meaning we could not rely on elevated storage to provide pressure when pumps were off. Pay back for their Aquadapt system took just over one year. 

sm_33.gif  Case study | Download the case study (PDF)

sm_33.gif  Presentation | WaterOne's Tom Schrempp presented at the April 2009 Kansas BPU Build Green Conference on the energy savings WaterOne has achieved following the implementation of Derceto's Aquadapt software. WaterOne engaged Derceto to study opportunities to reduce energy demands and increase savings on energy costs.  The intial study showed WaterOne potential savings of at least $800,000.  The Aquadapt software was installed in May 2006 and each year, the savings achieved has increased.  Download the presentation (PDF) 

Eastern Municipal Water District, Perris Valley, CA

pod-images/content/emwd_lake.jpgStage 1 of Derceto's Aquadapt installation for the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) in Perris Valley, California, was completed for the Moreno Valley area sub-system in August 2006.  The second stage implementation was completed in September 2007 and covers almost the entire distribution system.  The Moreno Valley sub-system of the Eastern Municipal Water District is fully under Derceto automatic control. The Moreno Valley area uses between 50-60% of EMWD's entire electricity costs and uses the largest portion of Time-of-Use (TOU) charges. Aquadapt software is projected to cut their electricity costs in the Moreno Valley area by over 15%. This was an extremely complex implementation project, with numerous cross-connected pressure zones, well fields, gas reciprocating engine driven pumps and major transfers to external zones. 

sm_33.gif  Fact sheet | Download the EMWD fact sheet (PDF)

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Laurel, MD

pod-images/content/washington_mon.jpgWashington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) is the 8th largest water utility in North America. Based in Maryland, it delivers water to more than 1.8 million people through 5,300 miles of water mains across a 1000 square mile distribution area. WSSC has an annual energy bill of more than $9M, purchased predominantly on the real time Pennsylvania Jersey Maryland (PJM) electricity market.  The sheer size of the WSSC system and its associated system constraints, along with hugely varying energy tariffs, required a unique software solution to consistently reduce energy costs while maintaining reliable distribution of water.  

sm_33.gif  Fact sheet | Download the WSSC fact sheet (PDF)

East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, CA

pod-images/content/oakland_bridge.jpgEast Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) in Oakland, California, was Derceto's first major Aquadapt implementation in North America. The implementation was commenced in July 2004 over a pilot area of EBMUD's system. The area under Aquadapt software control is 20% of their entire system, but represents 35% of their annual electricity costs. In the Aquadapt system's first year of operation it saved EBMUD 12.5% of its electricity costs, equaling $370,000. Post-implementation analysis has also shown that Aquadapt software also improved efficiency; using 14% less kWh to pump the same volume of water.  

sm_33.gif  Fact sheet | Download the EBMUD fact sheet (PDF) 

sm_33.gif  Presentation | A joint paper on the project was presented at the 2005 AWWA California/Nevada section Spring and Fall conferences and at the 2005 AWWA National conference in San Francisco. Download the presentation (PDF) 

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After graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) Simon spent the next 21 years in control systems design, rising to become a partner in The Beca Group in 1999. In 2000 Simon used his experience of control systems and water treatment processes to design the complex software at the heart of the Aquadapt product, the world’s first commercially available real-time pump scheduling optimizer. Email Simon 

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