Introducing Derceto Aquadapt      

Derceto Aquadapt gives you the power to minimize energy spend while maximizing quality and resource efficiency. 

As a water industry professional you face unique challenges.  Dramatically escalating energy costs, environmental pressures, rigorous water quality standards and an aging workforce all have a major impact – yet you still have to constantly deliver safe, reliable water at a reasonable cost.

Derceto Aquadapt is an important tool in helping you meet those management challenges. Derceto’s Aquadapt software is the industry leading real-time customized energy optimization solution for treated water distribution, saving utilities an average of 15% from their current energy costs. Aquadapt assists operators in making optimal decisions while allowing them more flexibility to set targets and keep full control.

Aquadapt delivers on the key tenet of sustainability: it saves more than it costs, in money, in time, and in resources.

A proven solution, purpose-designed for water utilities

Aquadapt is a mature and field-proven solution, consistently delivering savings upwards of 15 percent to its water utility customers around the world.  Since its first implementation in 1999, the software has been continuously improved, taking in the learnings and varying operational requirements of water utilities in North America, the UK, Korea and Australia.  A development and support team based in Auckland, New Zealand, comprises an award-winning team of professional water industry engineers, optimization specialists and automation control professionals.  The Auckland team works with customers and Derceto’s people and partners based around the world to deliver a potent combination of on-the-ground consulting and support with highly responsive remote online monitoring and support.

A three-pronged strategy to reduce energy costs

Choosing the right times

Aquadapt schedules pumping to occur at the cheapest possible time, taking advantage of time of use or real time electricity tariffs.  Aquadapt also predicts peak electrical demands and in many cases can avoid peak demand charges altogether.

Optimizing pump efficiency

Aquadapt analyzes the network and pump curves, operating pumps higher on their efficiency curves so they use less energy to move more water.  This also yields significant carbon footprint reductions. 

Choosing the most cost-effective source and path of water distribution

Aquadapt identifies the lowest-cost source of water within constraints and finds the lowest-cost delivery path by efficiently balancing gravity flow opportunities or identifying the shortest possible route.

Improving operational efficiency, quality and reliability

Aquadapt continuously adapts to system changes to achieve maximum efficiency, quality and reliability.  Aquadapt’s embedded hydraulic, physical and logical models, and calibrated pump curves, enable the optimum operation solution to be calculated – from the multitude of combinations of water sources, flow rates, pumps, and valve settings – while maintaining defined constrains such as number of starts, flow rate changes, pressures and turnover and storage requirements.

Aquadapt keeps the water flowing even when real-world problems such as field unit failures, SCADA data flatlines, pump start failures and other operational issues cause crises in the distribution system.  For example, if Aquadapt detects instrument failure or communication loss in one or more remote sites it notifies operators while continuing to work using its most recent projected values in place of missing data. 

Aquadapt’s extensive mass-balanced calculations enable detection of pipe and storage tank leaks, often before they are identified by other means.  Where unusual or emergency conditions make meeting demand difficult, Aquadapt predicts the shortfall, calculating expected storage levels up to 48 hours ahead and providing operations staff with accurate predictions to allow them to manage problems before they become critical.

Future-proofing the operations team

As senior operators retire or leave the business valuable operational knowledge and experience can be lost.  At the same time, new and more complex networks can require new ways of thinking and changes to traditional operating routines.  Aquadapt empowers operators to be more effective and efficient, capturing operational knowledge and providing a comprehensive training environment for new operators.  Aquadapt’s Operations Simulator is designed to ease and speed operator training without affecting day-to-day operations.

Informing strategic decision making

Negotiating energy hedging contracts and energy tariffs, moving to the real time energy market, or making significant changes to the physical network – all these carry great potential for gain, but also significant risk.  Aquadapt provides a platform to test potential scenarios, assess the value and impact of alternative outcomes, and supply critical information for negotiations and strategic decision support.

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After graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) Simon spent the next 21 years in control systems design, rising to become a partner in The Beca Group in 1999. In 2000 Simon used his experience of control systems and water treatment processes to design the complex software at the heart of the Aquadapt product, the world’s first commercially available real-time pump scheduling optimizer. Email Simon 

Case study

Nov 25 2010

Neal Spivey, Director, Water Production Division, Gwinnett County DWR, Atlanta, Georgia.