pod-images/content/treatment.jpgDerceto for Waste

Derceto for Waste is an exciting new product being developed by Derceto.

This software is specifically designed for operators of sewer or wastewater networks who need to:

  • reduce the number of overflow events and associated financial penalties
  • maximize the available time for work crews to fix breakages and blockages, while simultaneously reducing the chance of upstream overflows
  • establish accurate timeframes to complete repairs before flow rates must be restored
  • have effective, automated control of pumps and tank levels during emergency and routine maintenance events.

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Q: Does Aquadapt software run on the office LAN or the Control LAN?

Oct 19 2010

A: We generally run two servers. One is on the Control LAN and reads and writes Scada data. The other is on the office LAN and allows access to Aquadapt data from any computer in the clients network. A secure independent network exists between the two computers which does not allow bridging or data pass-through. This keeps the Control Network safe from viruses, worms and the like.


Case study

Jun 05 2013

Mick Baker, Network Control Manager, Northumbrian Water PLC.