Derceto Aquadapt

Derceto Aquadapt gives you the power to minimize energy spend and maximise quality and resource efficiency.

As a water industry professional you face unique challenges. Dramatically escalating energy costs, environmental pressures, rigorous water quality standards and an aging workforce all have a major impact – yet you still have to constantly deliver safe, reliable water at a reasonable cost.

Derceto Aquadapt is an important tool in helping you meet those management challenges. Aquadapt reduces energy bills by 10 to 20 percent, which can amount to savings of millions of dollars per year for many utilities. It also provides more consistent operational control for water quality improvement, and it helps train new operators to bring them up to full effectiveness.

Aquadapt is a unique, real-time ‘customized off-the-shelf’ software solution purpose-designed to optimize water production and distribution. Integrating with existing SCADA systems, Aquadapt reads live field data to instantly create the most effective pump valve and water treatment plan schedules, adapting them in real time to changes in demand, energy pricing and unforeseen events in the network – ensuring water is delivered where it is needed at minimum cost and maximum quality. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for operators to step in at any time to take control, schedule maintenance or brush up on operational skills.

Aquadapt delivers on the key tenet of sustainability: it saves more than it costs, in money, in time, and in resources.

When downtime is not an option

Derceto® is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary team of professional water industry engineers, optimization specialists and automation control professionals. We understand how important it is for Aquadapt to keep running, even when real-world problems such as field unit failures, SCADA data flatlines, pump start failures and countless other issues occur. ‘Reliability in the real world’ is a core tenet of the Derceto design philosophy.

Reliability in the real world goes beyond keeping the software up and running. Aquadapt is designed to help keep water flowing when crises occur in the distribution system. For example, if Aquadapt detects instrument failure or communication loss in one or more remote sites, it notifies operators while continuing to work using its most recent projected values in place of missing data.

Aquadapt's extensive mass-balance calculations also enable it to detect pipe and storage tank leaks, often before they are identified by other means. Where unusual or emergency conditions make meeting demand difficult, Aquadapt predicts the shortfall, calculates expected storage levels up to 48 hours ahead and provides operations staff with accurate predictions to allow them to manage problems before they become critical.

Reducing energy costs

Aquadapt brings down energy costs in the following four ways:

  1. Changing when energy is used: Aquadapt schedules pumping to occur at the cheapest possible time, taking advantage of time of use or real time electricity tariffs.
    - Avoiding peak demand charges
    - Aquadapt predicts peak electrical demands and in many cases can avoid peak demand charges altogether.
  2. Improving pump efficiency
    - Aquadapt actually analyses the network and pump curves, operating pumps higher on their efficiency curves so they use less energy to move water. This also produces significant carbon footprint reductions.
  3. Identifying the cheapest method of moving water
    - Aquadapt finds the lowest-cost path to deliver water, by utilizing gravity flow or identifying the shortest alternative route.
  4. Improving operational efficiency
    - Maintaining operational reliability and water quality has never been as easy.


As an automated system controlling water distribution 24 hours a day, Aquadapt provides utilities with a new level of operational reliability and consistency. It’s like having your most experienced operator on-hand all day, every day.

Aquadapt’s user-friendly interface, designed in consultation with licensed operators can be proactive in deciding when to schedule maintenance or system tests and see instantly the predicted impact on water quality and costs.

The storage capacity of reservoirs is used to satisfy demand during expensive electricity periods. This enables peak tariff windows to be avoided, where possible, by using the storage capacity of reservoirs to satisfy demand. Aquadapt software also reacts quickly and accurately to sudden changes in demand such as fire fighting draw-off.

Aquadapt software is unique in its ability to predict future operations for the next 48 hours, enabling operators to fix problems before they occur. It allows them to test operational changes and analyse the consequences without affecting the live system.

Our team of engineers and technical specialists with experience in water treatment, hydraulic modelling and optimization techniques has developed this award winning software with flexibility in mind.

  • Operates at its best in the real time electricity markets
  • Maintenance can be scheduled within Aquadapt software at the most cost effective times.
  • Each plant and pump can be manually scheduled on or off for any number of half-hour time units, or left in automatic or any combination of the two modes.
  • Plant production rate limits can be changed at any time, with a new solution generated in minutes.
  • Each reservoir and pumping plant can be included or excluded from automatic scheduling at any time.

Aquadapt software can be used with gravity systems, pumped systems and well fields, or any combination of these sources.

The Aquadapt system uses a library of customized components to reduce design risk and they have been field proven to control plant and equipment safely and reliably. Using these proven components reduces customization time and increases flexibility. Changes to plant design can be incorporated adding components to the Aquadapt database. Components can be added or reconfigured at any time to adapt to expansions in the system. Aquadapt software can grow as your company grows.

Security is built into all levels of control and communication to reduce risk from the Aquadapt servers' right through to the field. Alarms can be directed through existing alarm systems to alert the operator to any problems or potential problems.

Aquadapt software can detect pipe and reservoir leaks and indicate unusual demand patterns to an operator long before they become evident by any other means. Reservoir maximum and minimum levels are protected, reducing the risk of overflow or insufficient water supply at critical times. Where demand cannot be met, the Aquadapt system can predict the shortfall and calculate expected reservoir levels. Aquadapt software can be turned on and off at any time, allowing the control system to resume its original control strategy.

Water quality improvements

Aquadapt software's ability to increase water turnover, utilize available storage and to apply measures such as deep cycling notably improves water quality. Aquadapt software can be configured to smooth flows through the system enabling more consistency when treating water and decreasing water aging. The Aquadapt system can meet the most rigorous water quality policies, while still using the lowest cost source of water.

Consistency of operations and water delivery

Having an automated system brings consistency and reliability to operations. Aquadapt software enables operators and engineers to know 48 hours ahead what the system is going to do, with pumping schedules that are constantly being updated with real time data from the field. The Aquadapt system can be relied upon to find the best pumping schedule within operational and programmed constraints creating consistency of water delivery and daily operations.

Some unique key features of Aquadapt software are:

  • The world's first and only real-time optimization system for water distribution, Aquadapt software typically finds a solution in under a minute
  • Seeks lowest cost distribution solution for water transmission systems
  • Handles multiple sources of water, and unlimited storage or demand points
  • Uses elevated or in-ground storage to shift pumping times
  • Optimizes variable speed drive pumps and parallel pump sets
  • Maximizes use of lowest cost water source within any constraints
  • Maximizes use of off-peak electricity periods within any constraints
  • Handles electricity demand charges (kW) as well as time-of-use charges (kWh)
  • Forward predicts daily pattern of water consumption in real time, and optimizes pumping schedules immediately
  • Interfaces to existing SCADA system with minimal changes
  • Displays information on existing operator interface and/or uses Aquadapt Operator Panel
  • Operator inputs accepted to allow both scheduled or unanticipated changes to production capacities, as well as setting availability of pumps and storage
  • Sets treatment plant flow rates to minimize costs within any constraints
  • Handles complex water demand patterns including secondary reservoirs
  • Improves water quality by minimizing plant flow disturbances and deep cycling storage tanks within existing limits
  • Improves safety and continuity of water supply
  • Multiple levels of redundancy complements SCADA system to reduce risk
  • Allows manual scheduling of maintenance for plants and pumps, filling reservoirs before down-time periods while still calculating lowest cost solution
  • Our on-line system reads storage levels and responds to real-time changes in demand
  • Can run in real-time pricing "spot-market" energy trading systems down to 1/2 hour price bands with live updating.

Case study

Nov 24 2010

Michael Doherty,
Engineering Operations Manager, Unitywater.