July 23, 2013

Derceto shortlisted for GE ANZ Low Carbon Ecomagination Challenge

[Auckland, New Zealand - 23 July 2013]    The GE Australia & New Zealand Low Carbon ecomagination Challenge is an open innovation challenge where businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators and universities/students share their best ideas on how to reduce carbon emissions. Derceto was one of 35 finalists selected from 191 valid entries and invited to Sydney, Australia to attend the presentation of awards on 19 March 2013 by GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt. Derceto is proud to have been recognized by GE’s international selection panel as a significant technology for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction.

The Aquadapt energy management software (EMS) has been recognized as a world leading solution for Water Utility energy and operations optimization in real time. One element of the holistic solution to seek lowest overall cost of supply, is to maximize wire to water efficiency of selected plant combinations and operating set points. Findings from some 80 system years of operating experience shows a consistent improvement in efficiency, typically in the range of 5-10% less energy (and less GHG) to move the same volume of water as previously required.

About Derceto 

Derceto is the leading provider of energy management software for water utilities worldwide. Our award-winning Aquadapt energy management and operations optimization software integrates with existing management systems to help utilities make operating decisions that reduce energy consumption – typically one of their highest costs after personnel. Aquadapt also contributes to improved water quality and greater consistency of operations.  By applying our smart water software, deep industry knowledge and an outstanding commitment to support, Derceto makes it happen – delivering energy savings of 10-20 percent, along with significant gains in water use efficiency and quality.  For more information visit www.derceto.com.

Wayne Spittal
Email: wspittal@derceto.com