April 19, 2013

Greater Wellington Regional Council Moves Onto Real-Time Energy Pricing

Real Time energy pricing generally provied maximum opportunity for a utility to save money when using Aquadapt to control energy use.

[Auckland, New Zealand - 19 April 2013]    Greater Wellington Regional Council, (GWRC), New Zealand, are the latest Aquadapt user to move onto real-time electricity pricing to save additional energy cost.  Using real-time pricing is seen as potentially risky without the use of an established and proven product like Aquadapt.  Aquadapt has a great track record in achieving significant cost savings by fully utilizing the flexibility in pricing available in a real-time market.  GWRC have already reported significant savings and are thrilled with the quick roll-out of the real-time pricing module which has had no negative effects on operations while achieving these cost improvements.

Aquadapt is a modular product, swapping over the time-of-use energy pricing module to a real-time pricing module was easily achieved in practice, but occurred only after extensive testing by Derceto to ensure a smooth roll-out to coincide with the GWRC change over to new tariffs.  

About Derceto 

Derceto is the leading provider of energy management software for water utilities worldwide. Our award-winning Aquadapt energy management and operations optimization software integrates with existing management systems to help utilities make operating decisions that reduce energy consumption – typically one of their highest costs after personnel. Aquadapt also contributes to improved water quality and greater consistency of operations.  By applying our smart water software, deep industry knowledge and an outstanding commitment to support, Derceto makes it happen – delivering energy savings of 10-20 percent, along with significant gains in water use efficiency and quality.  For more information visit www.derceto.com.

Simon Bunn
Email: sbunn@derceto.com