February 13, 2013

Derceto Works with MWH on Water Reasearch Foundation Greenhouse Gas Project

THis project is part of the ongoing Energy and Water Quality Management System project started by WRF in 1990.

[San Francisco, CA, USA - 13 February 2013] MWH and Derceto were awarded a Water Research Foundation (WRF) funded project in California to develop a greenhouse gas module for an Energy and Water Quality Management System (EWQMS), part of a long running AWWA project.  As part of the deliverables two Aquadapt implementations will trial functionality that aims to minimize the greenhouse gas footprint from pumping water. Typically pumping is a major component of all energy procured by a utility, often comprising 90% of total electricity purchases.

Aquadapt already successfully targets pump efficiency, however in the trials energy cost will not be the driver; the instantaneous marginal figure of CO2 per kWh of electricity will be used as the dominant factor.  A stand-alone greenhouse gas software module flexible enough to be applied to any system will be one of the deliverables.

About Derceto 

Derceto is the leading provider of energy management software for water utilities worldwide. Our award-winning Aquadapt energy management and operations optimization software integrates with existing management systems to help utilities make operating decisions that reduce energy consumption – typically one of their highest costs after personnel. Aquadapt also contributes to improved water quality and greater consistency of operations.  By applying our smart water software, deep industry knowledge and an outstanding commitment to support, Derceto makes it happen – delivering energy savings of 10-20 percent, along with significant gains in water use efficiency and quality.  For more information visit www.derceto.com.

Iyad Darcazallie
Email: idarcazallie@derceto.com