May 23, 2013

Dashboard Enhancements Completed for Washington Suburban

The Dashboard has become an invaluable tool for viewing and analyzing system performance in Aquadapt installations.

[San Francisco, CA, USA - 25 May 2013]   Derceto recently completed the customization of Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s (WSSC) Aquadapt Dashboard. Increased operator data requirements drove WSSC’s request to have Derceto add new information pages to the already very successful Aquadapt dashboard. The new abilities to display multiple assets simultaneously in graphs and tables makes it much easier for system operators to see the interactions and effects that changes in the operations of a given set of assets such as pumps may have on other elements of the system such as storage tanks in a larger zone. Feedback from WSSC indicates that the new features are a welcome addition to the Dashboard, making life easier for the already busy operators who appreciate seeing data in a format that suits them without complexity of clutter.

Derceto has started providing similar customizations for other Aquadapt clients. Another Aquadapt enhancement that will be released shortly will enable Crystal Reports to access Aquadapt data directly for fully customized reporting to supplement the Aquadapt Dashboard.

About Derceto 

Derceto is the leading provider of energy management software for water utilities worldwide. Our award-winning Aquadapt energy management and operations optimization software integrates with existing management systems to help utilities make operating decisions that reduce energy consumption – typically one of their highest costs after personnel. Aquadapt also contributes to improved water quality and greater consistency of operations.  By applying our smart water software, deep industry knowledge and an outstanding commitment to support, Derceto makes it happen – delivering energy savings of 10-20 percent, along with significant gains in water use efficiency and quality.  For more information visit

Iyad Darcazallie