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November 05, 2012

World Water energy efficiency article

The September/October 2012 edition of World Water magazine (Volume 35 / Issue 5) published an article by Derceto CTO Simon Bunn on energy efficiency. The article, Pump scheduling solutions to reduce GHG footprint, looks at how Aquadapt has helped five utilities in the US save between 12 to 20 percent in electricity costs. It also highlights how pump scheduling optimization that targets efficiency also has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gases.

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December 14, 2009

Australian Water Association Journal Aquadapt paper

The June 2009 AWA Journal, 'Water', published a paper by Simon Bunn, Derceto CTO, on pump energy efficiency. The paper, Operating pumps to maximise efficiency, discusses the application of a novel, fully automatic, operations optimization software for treated water systems which was first developed in NZ in 2000. It summarizes results from five years of operation in four major US water utilities.

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December 14, 2009

Derceto features in IBM Journal
of Research and Development

The IBM Journal of Research and Development published a paper by Simon Bunn, Derceto CTO, and Laurie Reynolds in its Volume 53, Number 3, 2009 edition, which focused on  Environmental Monitoring & Management.  The paper,  entitled The energy-efficiency benefits of pump-scheduling optimization for potable water supplies, covered data mining and visualization and introduces the concept of 'virtual instrumentation', a key component of the Aquadapt Dashboard. 

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Water & Wastes Digest pump efficiency article

April 01, 2009

The April 2009 Water & Wastes Digest (WWD) published an article by Derceto CTO, Simon Bunn, on pump efficiency.  The article, Get Pumped, discusses maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing the carbon footprint in potable water pumping.

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The Bunn Report

March 18, 2014  |  WHITEPAPER

Measurement and Verification of Energy Performance Contracts

Mar 18 2014

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After graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) Simon spent the next 21 years in control systems design, rising to become a partner in The Beca Group in 1999. In 2000 Simon used his experience of control systems and water treatment processes to design the complex software at the heart of the Aquadapt product, the world’s first commercially available real-time pump scheduling optimizer. Email Simon