May 25, 2011

Demand Response opens up major energy
cost savings for US Aquadapt customers

With US power companies now offering Demand Response incentives amounting to $300,000/MW, customers of Derceto’s Aquadapt software are well placed to save money – and make a major contribution to efficient energy management across their local grid.

Demand Response is a highly effective strategy to help power utilities manage daily system peaks, including emergencies due to failure of generation capacity. Derceto’s North American Vice President, Wes Wood,  says Demand Response is increasingly being used by electricity grid operators to reduce peak electricity demand by offering incentives for customers to shed load or use alternative on-site generation. 

Water utilities have substantial load shedding capacity, Wood says. Typically 90-95 percent of a water utility’s electrical load is used for pumping water; and where elevated storage exists to maintain pressure, it is quite possible to stop pumps for a few hours while maintaining water supply.  This pumping load can be switched on and off quickly and automatically from a central location, often within minutes.  This load shedding ability can be worth a significant amount of money to a power utility –  up to $300,000/MW in California, for example – and they have mechanisms to share this benefit with the water utility. 

“Derceto’s Aquadapt provides the platform water utilities need to maximize the opportunities presented by Demand Response,” Wood says.  “Aquadapt can quickly be customized to provide an interface to the power company, as well as the processes to enable load shedding requests to be initiated in real time, while safely maintaining supply and adequate levels of emergency storage.”

Wood says that Aquadapt is already proven in its ability to handle daily, monthly and seasonal time-of-use demand charges and has successfully saved water utilities hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  These savings usually flow from peak kW demand charges applied to the highest usage of power in a 15 minute window, and then applied as a dollar per kW charge for this one time demand either monthly, or rolling over a 12 month window. 

For more details of Aquadapt’s DR capabilities, read Derceto's Demand Response and Aquadapt fact sheet.

sm_33.gif  Fact sheet | Download the Demand Response and Aquadapt fact sheet (PDF) 

Case study

Nov 23 2010

Murray Kennedy,
General Manager,
Utilities and Services,
Greater Wellington Water,
New Zealand. 



Q: Does Aquadapt software replace my SCADA system?

Oct 19 2010

A: No, Aquadapt software works with your existing SCADA system. It reads data from the SCADA database and then writes set-points to the pumps via the existing operator screen tags.