June 5, 2014

Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona in Spain implements Derceto Aquadapt water distribution optimization software

Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona (CAT) in Tarragona, Spain, is the first mainland Europe utility to commit to implement Derceto Aquadapt® operations optimization software. Following a three-month competitive tender process CAT chose Adasa, working in partnership with Derceto Ltd, to deliver an energy optimization solution for their entire water distribution system. Configuration of the software will take nine months and on-site installation and operation is expected to start in September 2014. The software is projected to pay for itself quickly through electricity cost savings. 

Aquadapt® is a unique, award winning software solution that operates in conjunction with existing control systems to minimize water distribution costs. Aquadapt’s customized design operates within defined operational constraints such as minimum storage levels, treatment plant production capacities and water turnover requirements; safely delivering water while lowering costs. Operating in real time, the software responds to changing conditions (e.g. fire flow demand, or the real time electricity prices which apply in Spain) to derive the most energy-efficient schedule of operations. It controls all pumps and valves automatically. 

The CAT Water Distribution System was analyzed by Adasa and Derceto Ltd and determined as being ideal for an Aquadapt implementation. CAT purchases approximately 56.5 million kilowatt hours a year under a variety of Time-Of-Use tariffs and can purchase energy from the real time electricity market to distribute water. Aquadapt will optimize the use of pumps to reduce electricity costs in water distribution, producing an anticipated project pay back of less than three years. Aquadapt is also expected to achieve pump energy efficiency gains which will lead to a significant reduction in CAT’s greenhouse gas footprint. 

About Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona

Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona (CAT) was created in 1985 based on Spanish Parliament Law 18/1981 to provide water for towns and industries in the Tarragona area along a 200 km stretch of coastline to the south of Barcelona.  Today it is a consortium of 65 towns and cities plus an additional 32 major industrial customers working together to provide clean drinking water.  CAT has 403 km of water transmission mains, 42 service reservoirs containing up to 400 ML of treated water plus an additional 180 ML of raw water storage.  23 pump stations with an installed capacity of 32.5 MW of electrical pumping supply the towns, cities and industries with water sourced from the Canals of Ebre River and treated at the L’Ampolla treatment plant located to the extreme south of the network. http://www.ccaait.com

About Adasa

Since the 1980s, Adasa keeps driving innovation in water technologies. Worldwide successful experiences place Adasa at the forefront of the sector, providing an intense technical specialization and a strong water expertise. Adasa is a recognized technical advisor which offers strategic solutions in order to support public organizations and water utilities to succeed in their current challenges: improve the efficiency, ensure resources optimization and increase operational cost savings. More than 20 years of R+D and innovation have lead Adasa to develop 50 worldwide projects and 12 patents, highlighting innovative products and solutions for water sector, matching R+D and innovation activities with water needs. Adasa is present in Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia and North Africa.http://www.adasasistemas.com AND http://www.adasaproducts.com

About Derceto Ltd

Derceto Ltd is part of the Derceto Group, focused on energy and operations cost optimization for water and wastewater utilities. The Derceto optimization technology has been used around the world for more than fourteen years. Derceto recently announced the release of Derceto Aquadapt 5.16 pump scheduling optimization software. Derceto opened its UK headquarters in London in 2008 and has offices in San Francisco, Toronto and Auckland, New Zealand.  

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