August 28, 2002

ACENZ Awards 2002

At the 2002 Association of Consulting Engineers of New Zealand (ACENZ) Awards Derceto took one of the two gold awards for the most outstanding projects of 2002. 

The award was for the development and installation of the Derceto Energy Cost Minimisation System for Water Distribution - an online software solution to help Wellington Regional Council reduce costs and improve efficiencies at its water treatment plants and reservoirs.

Comments from ACENZ about the Derceto solution include: 

"Following the introduction of "time-of-use" energy charges from privatised energy retailers, there have been numerous international attempts to create a software solution to optimize pump scheduling for water supply systems. These attempts have been unsuccessful due to the extremely complex nature of the problem, which includes unpredictable water consumption, and requires the solution of thousands of simultaneous non-linear equations."

"The software has proved to be robust, user-friendly, flexible and reliable, and since its introduction into the system in June 2000, has effected substantial savings for the client." 

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