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Looking beyond energy savings at Northumbrian Water Group

June 05, 2013 

In an industry famous for being conservative, Northumbrian Water Group is noteworthy for innovation. But even so, eyebrows were raised when in March 2011 Northumbrian Water announced that it would be the first water utility in the European Community to implement the Derceto Aquadapt software throughout its network – targeting energy cost savings as well as operational efficiencies and water quality improvements. 


Embracing change yields
major savings for WaterOne

February 26, 2011 

A willingness to change traditional thinking and methods of operation has resulted in annual energy cost savings of more than a million dollars a year – around 20 percent of the total annual energy bill – for Kansas water utility WaterOne.


The greening of Gwinnett County

November 25, 2010 

Where many pay only lip service to Green initiatives, Gwinnett County near Atlanta Georgia puts its money where its mouth is. Leading from the front is the Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources with a water sustainability strategy which is reducing the amount of water used, and at the same time reducing the energy costs and overall carbon footprint of the water distribution system.


Winning hearts and minds at Unitywater

November 24, 2010 

The Derceto Aquadapt implementation for Unitywater on Australia’s Sunshine Coast goes back to 2004, when Unitywater’s forerunner, Maroochy Water Services, was wrestling with the problem of how to smooth demand on two water treatment plants and maximize network asset utilization.


One man with an energy saving vision

November 23, 2010 

The story of Derceto and Aquadapt began with one man and his vision of how New Zealand’s capital city – Wellington – could achieve major energy savings in its water reticulation by applying sophisticated modeling techniques developed for New Zealand’s national hydroelectricity generation system.


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Q: What does the maintenance contract cover?

Oct 19 2010

A: This annual fee covers:

  • 24 x 7 telephone and email support
  • access to selected upgrades
  • priority response from our development team
  • access to our online web support request tracking system
  • best of all - free modification of your Aquadapt system as you add minor new pump stations and storage tanks.