Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission  - Maryland

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) is the 8th largest water utility in North America. Based in Maryland, it delivers water to more than 1.8 million people through 5,300 miles of water mains across a 1000 square mile distribution area. WSSC has an annual energy bill of more than $9M, purchased predominantly on the real time (Pennsylvania Jersey Maryland – PJM) electricity market.

The sheer size of WSSC's system and its associated system constraints, along with hugely varying energy tariffs, required a unique software solution to consistently reduce energy costs while maintaining reliable distribution of water.  Installing DerceIo Aquadapt software to WSSC's system has introduced an automated, consistent approach to the previously manual process of generating daily pump schedules. The Aquadapt software has integrated WSSC's entire system to find the most cost effective method of pumping water and ensuring optimal savings are made across the entire network. Aquadapt software is achieving saving of up to $120,000 per month in energy costs, as reported by a comprehensive auditing tool independently commissioned by WSSC.

sm_33.gif  Fact sheet | Download a PDF of the WSSC fact sheet